Photographs Sold Without Consent

I have lost count of how many charlotte London escorts have come in distraught with tears running down their faces saying that their boyfriends have sold sexy snaps of them. Is it legal to sell sexy snaps of London escorts? If the girl agrees that you can take sexy photos of her and sell them, it is perfectly legal for you to do so. But, what you must remember, is that you must have permission in writing before you go ahead and sell any photographs.

So. what can you do when your boyfriend has taken sexy photos of you and is threatening to tell your family you work for a charlotte London escorts agency? You have to appreciate that this is totally illegal. In layman terms, it is called blackmail and is a serious crime. It does not matter if you work for a London escorts agency or is a private person, no one has the right to sell your sexy photographs that you have taken. One of the things that you can do, is to go to the police and report a crime.

However, before you go to the police, it is a good idea to talk to the guy who took the photos. If he is willing to give them, that is fine. What you must appreciate, is that many men still think it is okay to do this. They think that you are a cheap tart just because you work for a London escorts agency and that they can do whatever they would like to do. More than one guy gas threatened girls who work for London escorts agencies in the Greater London area.

Calling his bluff is another thing that you can do. When a guy threatens to tell your family and friends that you work for a London escorts, why not tell him that you will tell his family about his habit of dating London escorts? Not only that, if he persists, you can say to him that you are also considering telling his employer. A lot of guys would lose their jobs if their employer found out that one of their staff members were into dating London escorts and trying to blackmail them. It really says a lot about a person’s integrity.

Can you get arrested for trying to sell sexy photos of your girlfriend? As mentioned earlier, this is an illegal activity and it does mean that you can get arrested for trying to sell photographs. Will the police care that you are being reported by a girl who works for a London escorts agency? They will not care at all. They will look at the facts of the case and consider them. If they think that a crime has been committed, they will arrest and start an investigation. Trying to sell sexy snaps that you have no right to sell is totally illegal. By all means take sexy photographs, but you should at all times make sure that you keep them to yourself.

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